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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Patricia Holmes Biography
Patricia Holmes, Client Services

The most important qualification for Client Service at Charnley & Røstvold is gracious calm in the face of change and demands. Patricia Holmes personifies that attribute. A 25-year veteran of the firm, Patricia's skills are visible whether meeting urgent project deadlines, marshalling forces to fulfill a research request that needs immediate answers, managing external experts in programming and technology, or helping a Chief Investment Officer with a presentation for a European audience.

Coming to Charnley & Røstvold in 1992 with experience in both the travel and childcare industries, little did she know how perfectly suited her background would be to succeeding at a professional services firm. Over her tenure at Charnley & Røstvold, Patricia has refined almost every level of service at the firm. Studying at nights and on weekends, she developed her industry knowledge and technical skills. A woman of few words and many talents, Patricia gravitated to new technologies and programs evolving in the communications field. She led the firm into creating effective PowerPoint presentations, and integrating audio, art and photography as powerful communication devices. She is the leader of website development programs, coordinating internally developed concepts and content with external programmers and designers to successful completion.

Patricia played a critical role in the launch and ongoing management of PAICR's (Professional Association for Investment Communications Resources) website. Having served as a Founding Board member and Web Site Committee Chair for two years, she was critical to the early success of PAICR.

Today, as an independent contractor, Patricia is a valued resource in the firm's research and presentation development projects, and technology initiatives across a broad array of services, supporting on-line surveys, webinars, and other communication opportunities.

Married more than 40 years to Charles, Patricia is known as the "Queen" to her children, Jeff, Jessica and Scott, and friends, and recently as "Mom Mom" to her granddaughters, Ellie and Zoey. Patricia enjoys volunteering in her granddaughter's school, and at a food pantry in her community. Patricia's family and the Charnley & Røstvold family of clients all benefit from her commitment to succeed at whatever she undertakes.

Data-rich multimedia presentations with video clips
PowerPoint – layout, music, animation for informative, educational and entertaining presentations
Partner's/Executive Committee presentations for internal meetings, sales/acquisitions, new business presentations, client meetings, board meetings
Project management
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Web Cast PowerPoint Presentations
Website Development
  Zephyr Management, LLC ~ www.zephyrmanagement.com
  PAICR Web Site ~ www.paicr.org
  Charnley & Røstvold, Inc. ~ www.charnleyrostvold.com
Founding Board Member of PAICR
Contributor for PAICR Points
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