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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Jacqueline Charnley Biography
Jackie Charnley, Consultant and Principal

Jackie cares passionately about success for her clients, her team and her family. She is quick to credit the many people who took time to mentor her and Christine over the years. Early clients like Ben Robinson, John Carroll and Robert Wade took the risk of hiring the fledgling firm. Long-term clients such as John Hobbs, former CEO of Jennison Associates, with his inimitable success at "unmarketing," or Art Nicholas, former CEO of Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management, with his energy and passion, built their companies with Charnley & Rostvold at their side. John Seiter previously at Capital Guardian Trust Company and Mike Fisher retired from Barclays Global Investors, coached, hired and supported the firm for over 30 years.

With such inspiring models, Jackie set out to build the C&R team, and coach and mentor as many people and companies to success as she could. Her philosophy is that by building people's success, you build your own success. Today, you can meet many professionals across the industry, in Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer positions, in sales and client service roles, or in consultant positions, who have worked with Jackie, and cite Charnley & Røstvold's contributions to their own successes. Clients often remark on the integrity of the firm's endeavors, and the willingness of the Charnley & Røstvold team to work toward the client's success no matter what it takes.

When people say "think outside of the box," that assumes you are thinking inside the box. Whether for clients or for the Charnley & Røstvold team, Jackie is the first to encourage, push, press people to try new things, to define better systems, to express and explore. Her long-term vision, coupled with the questionable virtue of impatience, has contributed much to client and Charnley & Røstvold's success.

Jackie is honored to serve on the ICMA-RC Board of Directors since 2009. The Board oversees management of all aspects of ICMA-RC's business. ICMA-RC, headquartered in Washington, DC, has served public employees as an independent, not-for-profit financial services organization since 1972. The organization provides retirement products and services to more than 1,000,000 public sector employees in over 8,000 plans. She is Chair of the Investment Committee.

An avid reader, writer and gardener, today Jackie spends leisure time enjoying jazz, theater and Pacific Symphony events with her husband, Gary Good. She frequently hosts gatherings for extended family and friends, and always wants more time with her son, Jordan and his wife, Taija, who live in Springfield, Illinois. Especially now with first grandchild, Nova Noel Charnley! Equally as special is time with Gary's sons, Ryan and Evan. Ryan and Ashley with second granddaughter, Talia Rose, came all the way from New Orleans to spend a month at the holidays with Evan from Madison, Wisconsin joining in the festivities as well. California sun is always enjoyed, especially in the winter!

Competitive Positioning of Investment Firms
Investment Product Positioning and Product Launch Strategies
Introductory Presentations
Speaker and Moderator
  Association of Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE)
  Investment Management Institute (IMI)
  Financial Analysts' Federation (FAF)
  Professional Association for Investment Communications Resources (PAICR)
  Institute for International Research (IIR)
  Callan Investments Institute
ICMA-RC Board member since 2009 and current Chair of the Investment Committee
  ICMA-RC Administration and Compensation Committee Member
Founding Board Member of Professional Assocation for Investment Communications Resources (PAICR)
25+ year Member of Association of Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE)
Prior Member of the Nicholas-Applegate Mutual Fund Board
Co-Author of Investment Management: Meeting the Noble Challenges of Funding Pensions, Deficits, and Growth, published by Wiley Finance (released August 2009)
Co-Author of "Portfolio Managers in Presentations", published in Marketing Investment Management Services, published by Probus Publishing Company
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - Managing Organizational Change
University of California at Irvine, BA
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Jackie Charnley
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